As the Arkship speeds through space towards our final destination, we sleep.


We sleep and we dream.


We dream of worlds we have never seen, that we have yet to set our feet upon.


We dream of alliances that remain to be forged and broken.


We dream of unknown technologies still untested by mankind.


We dream of peace and prosperity. We dream of war and strife.


For as we rest within the bowels of the Novark, nested in our cryogenic beds, dream is our only way to build the future, to get ready for the time when our eyes finally open upon our new lives.


As we go forward without hope of return, we sleep.


And we dream.



Set in a distant future, DUAL UNIVERSE is a sci-fi single-shard MMORPG designed by Novaquark.


While still in pre-alpha, the game will allow players to explore and exploit alterable planets, conceptualize buildings and ships, design shareable blueprints and forge tailored alliances and groups.


The Sleepers lay dormant within the bowels of the Novark, one of the immense spaceships fleeing Earth's destruction towards distant new worlds to settle upon.


Within their cryogenic slumber, Sleepers can only dream of their life to come...


... for now.