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Dual Tools

Shockeray has programmed a community map, not unlike Lord Void's own org scanning tool.

It could prove interesting to see if both tools react in the same way to forthcoming changes.

O.D.Y.'s AAE

Code 24 has written another announcement about the upcoming Alioth Aerospace Expo:

"After entertaining the idea for some time, we finally decided to launch the Alioth Aerospace Expo! The AAE is an industry-wide project designed to showcase the talents of best shipbuilding companies and individuals that DU has to offer. The Expo will be planned and organized by an Honorary Committee made up of respected community members and organization leaders. The plan is to hold the event in an Expo center in Alioth's safe-zone. At this point in time we have already had 12 organizations who have agreed to participate!"

If this event indeed manages to... lift off the ground, it might prove to be a major actor into the Dual Universe industrialization.

Alain Damasio, The Storyteller

His name should sound familiar to you, since he's the writer of the 5-part online novel introducing Dual Universe's lore, but Alain Damasio's endeavour in video games actually started in 2008 as co-founder and narrative director for Dontnod Entertainement, the studio that made "Remember Me"

Alain is also a prolific novelist who excels in fantasy ("La Horde du Contrevent" 2004, complete with its own background music) as well as sci-fi ("La Zone du Dehors" 1999, that spawned a theatrical adaptation).

He lives in Lyon, France, and has been working for several years now on his next book, "Les Furtifs".

DU by Kurock - A View of the Dual Universe

"Famous Writer" Kurock gives us a personal and exhaustive description of the game:


"Dual Universe...

is a Continuous [no loading screens]

Single-Shard [everyone plays on the same "server"]

Sandbox [players choose their own goals]

MMORPG [lots of players]

taking place in a vast [at release, starts as one solar system but expands as player tech reaches more advanced stargates]

fully editable [the ground, the buildings, the ships]

Sci-Fi universe [a dual universe]

focusing on Emergent Gameplay [what players do matters and could change the world]

with player-driven [player made quests and no npcs] in-game economy [run by players], politics [run for players], trade [between players] and warfare [killing players with handheld and ship mounted weapons]

... [and prospecting for resources, mining those resources, manufacturing them into useable elements, building buildings and atmospheric/space faring vehicles, finding game secrets, trading and blowing each other up. Also subscription based because reasons]"

O.D.Y. Tactical Configurations

Objective Driveyards is a heavily industry-oriented organization and though the Dual Universe is still a spark within the mind of thousands of cryostased survivors launched in space, they are already working on solid military ship designs. Those blueprints of future creations go along the classic rules of naval tactics and are good examples of the ship classes already outlined in another Topic.

The Valgard is a Fighter with front dual cannons, designed for light ships brawls and turret suppression. On a sidenote, killing turrets on a larger ship, if proven feasible, offers the fascinating perspective of being able to methodically "defang" a vessel prior to boarding or killing it, possibly after crippling its engines.

The Einar is a Frigate bent on speed and nimbleness at the expense of resistance; it aims at neutralizing slower and moderatly-armed targets.

The Deus Irae is a Cruiser, boasting numerous weapon mounts but there again, designed for fast assault and chirurgical strikes.

In contrast, finally, the Forseti Battleship is a slow and sturdy bruiser made for heavy-duty close combat.

The tactical combination of all ship classes' particularities will prove a strongpoint of any combat commander and we can only hope more research will be poured by every industrial organizations into always-new designs.

A Cosmic Composer - Maxime Ferrieu

Versed since 2005 into music composition and sound design, Maxime is the composer of Dual Universe's enthralling game music. Dual Universe isn't Maxime's first brush with video games, though: among others, he has worked on Avalon Lords and Running Gods.

He also composed soundtracks for various museum/ documentary movies, such as a Grotte Chauvet educational video, and short films, like "L3.0".

Maxime has been working for almost 2 years now with Novaquark, finally joining their team as Lead Audio in March 2018,  and lives in the Paris, France, area. You can get in touch with him on his personal site.